BT90-H1 Thermally Broken Double Glazed Louvre Series

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The BT90 louvre system was developed to meet the Australian NCC2019 requirements and subsequently introduced into New Zealand to provide an H1 compliant solution.

The BT90 is a thermally broken double or triple glazed glass louvre system produced by Schneider louvres in Germany. The system utilises a heavy duty rack and pinion operating mechanism concealed within the thermally broken louvre frames allowing for either automated or manual operation to meet your specific project requirements.

The system can be configured with either double glazing (DGU) or triple glazing (TGU) sourced from local New Zealand suppliers which allows the louvres to be glazed with the same glass used in the rest of the facade. The BT90 louvre system is certified to NZS4211 having been tested to AS/NZS4420.1.

With the correct glass selection the BT90 louvre is capable of meeting the stringent H1 energy provision requirements recently introduced in New Zealand. To talk to our expert team about the installation of this product in your building, contact us today.

Advantage and Benefits

  • Centre pivot
  • Top pivot
  • Single glazed
  • Double glazed
  • Triple glazed
  • Framed
  • Frameless

BT90 Specifications


EBSA introduced the BT90 louvre system in response to the improved thermal performance required of facades in the National Construction Code (NCC 2019).

The BT90 utilises thermal breaks in both the perimeter louvre framing and the blade holder to achieve the best thermal rating of any louvre system on the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) database.

EBSA introduced thermally broken double glazed louvres to the Australian market in 2012 and the BT90 is the single biggest advance in louvre technology based on many years of local and international experience.

The BT90 has been NATA certified to AS2047 in varying configurations and has established itself as one of the most competent systems on the market.



BT90-IG32 / BT90-IG44



90mm x 40mm Thermally broken aluminium profile

Blade Holder

Fully framed thermally broken aluminium profile


Frame Width

min. 400mm up to 1740mm

Frame Height

min. 300mm up to any height

Louvre Blade Height

min. 180mm up to 450mm


Glazing Type

Insulated Glass Unit (IGU)


32mm IGU (double)

44mm IGU (triple)

Insulated sandwich panel

Profile Finish

Anodised or Powder Coated


Centre Pivot

24V Electric or Manual Operation



Air Infiltration Test

Positive    0.02 L/s m²

Negative  0.52 L/s m²

Water Penetration Test

Up to 800 Pa

Ultimate Strength Test

Up to 8000 Pa

Deflection Test

Up to 3000 Pa


Smoke Vent


Thermal Performance


2.355 W/m2K  (subject to glass makeup)

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