As natural ventilation specialists we create breathable buildings using window automation and operable glass louvres.

EBSA, We make buildings breathe

At EBSA, we consider it a privilege to work with each and every one of our clients from design to installation, maintenance and servicing. We’re here to help you with every step of the process, from before sales, after sales and everything in between.

Our skilled technicians will also tend to all your maintenance requirements so you can be sure your operable window and louvre systems function correctly.

Design Consultation

We’re committed to ensuring you select the right product and design. We relish the opportunity to collaborate with your design team to ensure you receive the best advice possible.

We place a lot of value in understanding your project requirements and tailoring our solutions to - what you need. We’re always focused on delivering effective solutions within a reasonable time frame and on budget.

The collective EBSA group experience is your guarantee that you are receiving the absolute best advice and most appropriate solutions available from the leading manufacturers worldwide.

Whilst we value the opportunity to offer you project-specific advice, we are also a Masterspec partner and you can use this service to produce your project specifications by searching “EBSA Window Automation”.


When you work with us at EBSA New Zealand, we take care of everything, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible and completed to the highest standard including providing customised shop drawings and wiring schematics for all projects.

Our collaborative approach is designed to ensure that your project goals are achieved on time and on budget. Our professional team will evaluate every stage of the project to keep communication lines open and ensure transparency. This means that you’ll know exactly what we’re doing (and why) at all times.

At EBSA New Zealand, we like to see a project through and always deliver on our promises. This includes delivery and overseeing quality installations in line with local building codes and regulations.

Over the past decade, EBSA has demonstrated our ability to deliver natural ventilation and smoke relief solutions of the highest standard, and we are proud to have never failed a fire test within this time. We’re always working to improve our operations. That’s why our team members have access to the latest training, learning and development opportunities the New Zealand industry has to offer.

Service and Maintenance

Did you know that if you have products serviced or repaired only when something fails, it may cost you three to four times more than preventative maintenance?

At EBSA New Zealand, we understand the importance of maintaining building compliance and as such we offer all clients the option of a service and maintenance contract to extend the working life of your products and to provide the security of ongoing support.

And, if something does go wrong, we’re on hand to help you out. We have technicians available nationwide. Discover more about our wide range of services by contacting the EBSA New Zealand experts today.