Fixed Glass Louvres

Glass edge securing systems for facades

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EBSA offers a range of fixed louvre brackets ideal for enclosing winter gardens and other spaces. The brackets are designed for simple installation to an existing or new structure and can then be glazed with 8 - 12mm glass.

The maximum span is dependent on the blade height, project wind load and of course the nominated glass makeup. The system is fully engineered and we are happy to assist you with developing your designs to maximise performance and aesthetics in the most economical configuration.

Standard Brackets are supplied in a clear anodised finish and other colour options are available on request. To arrange installation of this product, speak to our expert team at EBSA today.

Advantage and Benefits

The FIXED LOUVRE BRACKET S was especially developed for simple and fast installation of overlapping glass facades.
The glass is clamped in place which means there is no need for holes in the processed glass panels.

Simple & Fast Installation

Installation can be completed quickly and easily due to the small number of components required. The glass is adjusted and clamped in the bracket by the soft inlay and a special securing system.

The FIXED LOUVRE BRACKET S system can be used on sub-structures such as wood, aluminium or steel profiles.

Possible Applications

Can be used for curtain walls on buildings, glazing for arcades, stairways and car parks, for protection against the wind and weather, for ventilation and sun protection.

Glass is to be selected according to AS1288 and the maximum spans and heights will be limited by the wind loads and the static load on the fixings.



The fixed louvre bracket was designed to provide a simple and effective means of creating a glazed weather screen on any type of building project.

The system comprises a series of brackets which are installed directly to the support structure and can then be glazed with overlapping glass blades in 8-12mm thickness without any additional holes for fixings.

The simplicity of the system means that after the initial setout has been completed the glass can be adjusted and clamped in the bracket with relative ease.

The overlapping glass blades provide a good degree of natural ventilation whilst also providing protection from the elements.