Window Automation

D+H Mechatronic in Partnership with EBSA, is New Zealand's premier supplier of window automation, automation hardware including the creation of a goal of sustainability along with brightening the future for all of New Zealand.

EBSA partner of D+H Mechatronic

Window Automation is the process of installing electric actuators (typically 24vdc) to operable awning sashes, louvres and skylights allowing for remote and automated control of natural ventilation and/or smoke control.

Operation of windows can be controlled by external sensors such as wind, rain and temperature as well as internal sensors such as motion detectors and air quality sensors (CO2, and humidity). Windows in various zones can be programmed to open or close based on the inputs of these sensors with information relayed via natural ventilation, or smoke control panels.

Features such as autoclose on loss power are offered as standard in many situations to ensure that in the event of a power failure, any open windows are automatically shut to keep out the elements.

EBSA specialise in the design of window automation systems and our ability to provide a turnkey solution including installation, cabling and ongoing maintenance sets us apart from most competitors.

Natural Ventilation in Schools, Aged Care and in the workplace

The Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the need to naturally ventilate public spaces and is especially important where vulnerable members of our community congregate. Natural ventilation purges aerosols that transport airborne viruses replacing stale, contaminated air with fresh air.

EBSA offers digital actuators which can modulate the window positions according to the CO2, temperature or humidity levels within the space. In addition the CDC-0252-1-ACB chain actuator is up to 3 times quieter than the “industry standard”, making them ideally suited to classrooms, offices and any area where noise could be distracting.

Window Automation for Smoke Control

Automation awnings, skylights or louvres to provide relief or make up air as part of a Natural Smoke Relief System or more commonly as part of a stair pressurisation system in high rise applications.

Our standard hardware is certified to the EN and ISO standards for Smoke Control (EN12101 or ISO21927) with the biggest change being the use of fire rated field cabling and our commissioning procedure. We work with your mechanical and fire contractors to ensure every project is able to pass the fire test on time and on budget.

Integration with other EBSA Products

Whilst EBSA can automate window systems of third party manufacturers, we also feature our own range of operable glass louvres and operable glass roof systems which can be included in any project allowing for a single, comprehensive solution to meet all of your needs.

Talk to the team at EBSA New Zealand to discuss your window automation options and get started today.