Window Automation
Ventilation Controls

Breathe life into your buildings with ventilation controls

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Window automation can incorporate almost any type of window but is most often associated with architectural glass louvres, awning windows or a combination of both.

The use of Natural ventilation (passive ventilation) in buildings has been driven by legislation such as Section J provisions in the BCA.

However as consumers have become more aware, the demand for high performing green buildings has increased.

The need for automation systems capable of delivering either passive or mixed mode ventilation and space cooling in buildings has seen a number of projects such as the UQ Global Change Institute showcase the use of automated facades and thermal chimneys to utilize outdoor airflow created by pressure differences between the building and the external environment.

Stack ventilation (air pressure) and cross ventilation (wind driven) use ambient daytime air to ventilate the internal space whereas night purging is extremely effective at cooling the internal space where daytime air temperatures are otherwise too high to provide effective ventilation.

Simple Design, Easily Expandable

A simple ventilation solution can comprise an automated window, rain sensor and switch on the wall. This simple design can be expanded to include a range of internal and external sensors.